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Reno Golf Schools


Reno, Nevada


4/19 to 6/22, 2020

Peppermill Hotel Reno & Lake Ridge Golf Club

Welcome to the United States Golf Schools VIP 1:1 & 2:1 Luxury Golf School and Vacations Packages at Pepermill Hotel Reno and "Best in Reno", Lake Ridge Golf Club.

When they voted the Peppermill Hotel Reno the best Reno hotel, the best Reno rooms and suites, the best Reno casino and the best race and sports book, you probably should believe them. In fact, it seems that the Peppermill Hotel Reno, formally known as the Peppermill Resort Casino, has a habit of collecting superlative reviews from all sources. It was selected as one of the top 10 casinos in America by MSN, in conjunction with City search. As if great reviews were not enough, the Peppermill Hotel Reno has three important factors in its favor: location, location, location.

This award-winning Reno hotel has the benefit of being located in the center of Reno’s newest shopping entertainment and restaurant district. With Lake Tahoe just a short drive away, your stay at the Peppermill Hotel Reno puts you in close proximity to a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities. The Peppermill Resort Casino is located on Reno's main thoroughfare, between downtown and the south end of the city, which features upscale shopping and dining. In addition to being located just five minutes from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, the Casino Hotel Peppermill has a lovely facade on Virginia Street that welcomes guests and affords a glimpse into the elegance, luxury, and excitement waiting in the hotel.

The golf school operates at Lake Ridge Golf Course just a short drive from the casino. Lake Ridge Golf Course and Vacations has been voted the #1 golf course in the Reno/Sparks, California and Myrtle Beach Area for 14 consecutive years!

Great golf, excellent food and terrific service, a proven winning combination found at Lake Ridge Golf Course. Since it’s opening in 1969, the layout offers breathtaking views of Reno and the surrounding mountains. Their signature hole, number 15, is a world famous par 3 set high atop a rocky ridge 140 feet above Lake Stanley to an enticing island green for a truly world-class setting.

Designed by famed golf architect, Robert Trent Jones, Sr., Lake Ridge Golf Course has been voted “Best of Reno” year after year. LakeRigde Golf Course is truly a Reno’s must see, must play golf course.


    VIP 1:1 and 2:1 Package Includes:


    • Casino Accommodations
    • Breakfast & Lunch Daily
    • Can Custom Dates and Daily Schedule
    • 5 Hours of Daily Instruction
    • 3 Hours of Daily Instruction Covering All Facets- Putting, Pitching, Chipping, Sand, Full Swing, & Video Analysis
    • 2 Hours Daily On-Course Instruction - Covering All Facet Learned In Morning Session, Along With Course Management & Strategies, with Concentration On The 100 Yards & In Game
    • All Reno Golf Schools offers you the ability to improve your game in all facets. All our instructors have extended training, not only on the full swing, but also in our "Scoring Zone" program.

    Performance Zone Program!

    • Some of the short game fundamentals you will learn at all our Golf Schools are as follows:
    • Importance of both path and blade in putting
    • Distance control in putting
    • Hit your wedges closer to the hole
    • Chip with confidence and accuracy
    • Control your distance and spin
    • Hit sand shots up and out of the bunker every time
    • Learn to hit creative shots to escape difficult lies and situation
    • Unlimited Green and Cart Fees for Days of School
    • Maximum 1:1 and 2:1 Student to Teacher
    • V1 High Speed Video Analysis
    • Video Locker
    • 12 Months Free Video Follow- Up Via Internet
    • Reno Golf Schools Great Golfing Notebook
    • Award-Winning PGA – LPGA and PGTCA Professional – Minimum of 20 Years Teaching Golf
    • State of the Art Practice Facility for Improved Learning
    • Take Home Practice Program
    • Unlimited Use of State of the Art Practice Facility
    • Learn the Power of Correct Practicing
    • Commuter Package – Golf Only
    • Guaranteed “Lowest Cost” or we send you the difference
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    <td class="textmatter_02" valign="top" width="101"><strong><strong>Commuter</strong></strong>15% Off - 2 People</td>
    <td class="textmatter_02" valign="top" width="101"><strong><strong>Single</strong></strong>1 to 1 Ratio</td>
    <td class="textmatter_02" valign="top" width="101"><strong><strong>Double</strong></strong>2 to 1 Ratio</td>
    <td class="textmatter_02" valign="top" width="101"><strong><strong>Quad</strong></strong>4 to 1 Ratio</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" nowrap="nowrap" width="101">2 Day / 2 Night</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">899.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$1499.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$1249.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$1099.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" nowrap="nowrap" width="101">3 Day / 3 Night</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$1299.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$1999.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$1699.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$1499.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" nowrap="nowrap" width="101">4 Day / 4 Night</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$1699.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$2799.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$2399.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$2099.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" nowrap="nowrap" width="101">5 Day / 5 Night</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$2150.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$3499.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$2999.00</td>
    <td class="textmatter_01_01" width="101">$2699.00</td>
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    <div class="box_text_01" align="center">Questions E-mail us at <a class="textmatter_04" href="" target="_blank"></a><strong class="box_text_01">Call 800-756-5052 to Register</strong>

    VIP 1:1 & 2:1 Luxury Package - Reno Nevada - Rates



    1 to 1 Ratio


    2 to 1 Ratio Per Person

    Quad - One Suite

    4 to 1 Ratio Per Person

    2 Day / 2 Night 899.00 $1499.00 $1199.00 $1099.00
    3 Day / 3 Night $1349.00 $2249.00 $1799.00 $1649.00
    4 Day / 4 Night $1799.00 $2999.00 $2399.00 $2299.00
    5 Day / 5 Night $2249.00 $3699.00 $2949.00 $2749.00
    Questions E-mail us at - Call 1 833 742 7767 or1 833 PGA PROS to Register